Gambia: Is Kaba Bajo Out To Develop Football Or To Clinched On Gff Presidency?


Is Kaba Bajo Out To Develop Football Or To Clinched On Gff Presidency?

By Ousman B Kinteh,  25 March, 2017.

Gambia football federation president Lamin Kaba Bajo and his executive has never attended a single annual Regional Congress since elected into office 3 years ago. But interestingly, he is busy coordinating and spending our football resources on transports and allowances to personally attend this clandestine and cooked Regional Elective Congresses all over the country. He is going all out to intimidate and influence delegates for his selfish interest.

Regional Associations are entitled to 3 votes at the Gambia football federation Elective Congress, so Kaba Bajo cannot risk having those opposed to him to be at Regional Associations. But Gambians are quick to notice the hidden hands trying to bring the old system of bringing on board those who can scratch your back.

Lamin Kaba Bajo and his Executive fail an Elective Congress in CRR last weekend that sees the re election of Numu Kunda Kanyi who is not a fan of the current football federation. Funnily, over the week a delegation of stakeholders from CRR believe to be in favour Gambia football federation sent a petition to National Sports Council to challenge the legality of the Elective Congress.

Last week Kaba and his delegation were whisked away by the LRR stakeholders when they were suspected of clandestine moves around the area. They tried to forge an elective congress last Saturday in LRR only to be informed whiles on their way around Kombo Brikama that the governor has cancelled the planned Congress. What an embarrassment.

Kaba has refused to send referees to officiate KM Regional football matches just to frustrate and undermined Bakary Packo Dampha’s re election into office. According to a reliable source Bakary Jammeh the elder brother of the former minister of youths and sport under Yahya Jammeh APRC government   and his colleague in football house and the former editor at Gambia daily observer newspaper Baboucar Camara ( The Jaliba Kuyateh of GFF) are busy calling teams in KM region against president of KM region Mr Dampha and his team.

The West Coast Regional Elective Congress is slated for this Saturday 30th April,2017. The long dirty hands are at play to keep Abdoukarim Sey. The Kaba executive is busy engaging the stakeholders with empty promises just to see Mr Sey win.

Can someone tell Kaba that it is not business as usual. And he cannot just fit in the equations as far the New Gambia is concerned. His face is a reminder of the miserable past.

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