The University education of a Kanilai born native, who happens to be Deputy Director of Gambia’s Prison Services, has been abruptly disrupted largely due to his transfer to the Janjangbureh prison, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Momodou Jarju, one of the finest elite officers of the prison system, had his application for study leave to facilitate his continued studying at the University of the Gambia denied, sources familiar with the story have told this medium.

Mr. Jarju and former dictator Yahya Jammeh hailed from the same village Kanilai. He was recently informed that he has been transferred to the Janjangbureh prison, even though he is an enrolled student at the UTG, our source added. The UTG Study body should look into Mr. Jarju’s case. 

“Momodou Jarju’s studies at the UTG, has been disrupted by his recent transfer. He is one of the finest officers at the prison. He applied for a study leave, but his application was denied. This is really sad. What is happening in this country is not right. He comes from the same village with the former President Yahya Jammeh. He and Jammeh are all from Kanilai. I don’t think he is being targeted for possible retribution because of his regional ties with Jammeh. If you complain in this country, they will accuse you of being tribalist. His transfer was politically motivated,” said a source in Banjul. 

“Please help us and expose Momodou’s story.  He doesn’t deserve such mistreatment. He was next to the prison Director. One Mr. Manneh, has been hired to run that prison,” our source added. 

The Gambia Prison services fall under the purview of the Ministry of Interior. Lamin Njie, the press officer for Interior Minister Mai Fatty, was contacted via email for comment, but he is yet to respond to our journalistic queries. 


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