The role of opposition parties are indispensable in a country if we are to nurture and maintain the strength and precept of democracy, they must utilize every opportunity of missteps erred by the government and criticize constructively in order to reroute course and drift to what’s best for our country, the opposition must be vibrant to healthily inject our democracy and structure itself as a government in waiting. I will respectfully concede, that the opposition party must always commend the government in areas of economic progress and other vital areas which will quicken the pace of our country’s development..

But then, People need to refrain from calling dissenting voices unpatriotic citizens, that’s a cowardly and squalid ways of politicking, there is a clear contrast between the two, dissenting voices are the voices of the voiceless and the watchdog of the government, they speak and relate to the exact same thoughts as many silent people, their participation is part of nation building, they dare and challenge the government to do right and be fair to all especially the weak and the poor among us.

I called them the voices of conscience, I prefer them to those that hold our leaders to the highest possible esteem without criticizing when unpopular and dangerous moves are made, political dissent needs to be expressed publicly to always have our government to listen and self transform to reciprocate positively to the dissent expressed for the greater good of our country. Being 100% behind a leader is a symbol of sycophancy, with such patterns, it can precipitates an absolute power, and can slide our country backwards giving in to dictatorship..

It is prudent to understand, that the disagreement between the government and the opposition is a question of the MEANS to use to lead to a greater growth and stimulate goals, I’ll respectfully submit; that the issue of health, education, agriculture, tourism, infrastructure, poverty eradication and good governance are worth mentioning, the oppositions stand for every program that will yield growth and progress for our nation, if anyone tells you otherwise, he/she is not being genuine to the facts.   

In a nutshell, the goals for the ruling parties and the oppositions are the same, which is to see a prosperous advanced Gambia, but the means to get to those goals are in question, they are the issue which instigates fundamental differences.

However, the function of our government is to set before the people, the unfinished business and agenda for our country to meet our needs, safeguard and protect our peace and security and guide the course for freedom and democracy. The government must realize, that they are the government of all of us, irrespective of any political affiliation, failure to act like such, will invite dissenting voices, and anger, frustrations will be registered towards them. 

Thank you..


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