Mba Fatou Cham, a women gardener at Sukuta, has urged President Barrow to allocate all Lands that were seized by former president Jammeh to the local farmers and the Women Gardeners as the rainy season is just around the corner and the lands should be used to grow crops and vegetables by the local people for farming. Speaking to this reporter, Mba Fatou Cham expressed her dismay over the available land for farming in the country not utilized to the maximum due to unscrupulous and unpatriotic Gambians bent on preventing farmers to work on the said lands all in the name of loyalists to former president Jammeh.

According to her, “the lands belong to the Gambian people and a national assets then the local people must be allowed to farm on the lands during the rainy season for the benefit of the nation.”

She added that many women farmers and gardeners like her want to farm on these lands but prevent to do so urging, the government and the National Assembly to be intervene in this matter by passing a bill in order allow them farm on these lands on a clear legal basis since loyalists to president Jammeh are still reluctantly no allowing farmers to work on the said lands claimed to be still belonging to the former president.

Madam Cham concludes by appealing to the incumbent to act faster on the matter as the rainy farming season is fast approaching and land clearing and other farming activities should start in earnest.

By A Correspondent

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