My fellow students I greet you all.

The recent UTG election was perhaps the most interesting one ever.

After the results were announced by the IEC chairperson, I immediately accepted the outcome with the premise that the election was free, fair and transparent. I also believed in the honesty, impartiality, and credibility of the IEC. 

However, on Saturday 22nd April 2017 at 6:00 am, my team on the ground came with substantial evidence of fraud.

– Many students from Gambia College, posing as UTG students, were spotted voting at Brikama and Banjul (pictures coming out soon).

On that note I, Muctarr Jallow a vice Presidential contestant, reject the April 20th election results in totality.

Let me repeat 

I reject the April 20th election results in totality.

I am calling on the dissolution of the IEC, and a repeat of the election to be held by God fearing people. 

The case will be forwarded to the UTG moot court, School of Journalism, tomorrow. 

I am urging all my supporters (militants) to sign a petition which will be circulated in all schools and campuses tomorrow.

Meanwhile you are all urged to stay calm and go on with your normal classes. 

Thank you

Written By Modou Lamin Fatty

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