The current government should, in frequent occasions hold a televised press conferences to better articulate and directly transmit the progress that the government is registering and also take on questions to un-cloud some misinformation and misconceptions regarding the government’s position on issues of national concerns. This will create an avenue for questions of capital ideas and suggestions as to how to move our country forward.
Such moves, will be more informative and helpful to the public, to have an idea of our government’s sense of direction and to be conversant with our country’s domestic and foreign affairs, rather than believing in rumors. The aim and purpose of press conferences is to inform the public, to educate and to win support for policies and public support, this will yield a more honest and objective reporting from the press as well.  
I suspect President Barrow can handle press conferences fairly well, he did it initially and I believe he will do a superb job if he prepares for it, this will help his views to go directly to the people, and will also help him strike out some of the irresponsible and ludicrous misconceptions rumored about his government and demonstrate the facts as opposed to fictions.
He can sometimes delegate such task to the press secretary to filter it through the people if he’s occupied by urgent and most pressing issues of national affairs.
Thank you.
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