Woke up this morning and found a friend tagged me on a post from by Pa Nderry Mbai. The post is about the confession allegedly made by Malick Jatta a (former Jungular)to investigators about his involvement in the killing of the 44 West Africans including some Ghanaians and the murder of veteran Journalist, Deyda Hydara.

According to Pa Nderry Mbai quoting his source, I was the Crime Management Coordinator(CMC) of the Police at the time and that I told officers including his source that the’ Ghanaians were killed’, thus resulting to my deployment and subsequent hiring by the United Nations in Darfur. I want to remind people that there is nothing new said about the killing of the Ghanaians and this issue had been reported severally around the world. I have never denied the fact that I was the CMC and anytime I am requested to shed light on the issue, I will do so without any reservations. It was a divine intervention that I was not fired during those days, but god in his infinite saved and opened an other opportunity for me. 

Pa Nderry went further to say according to his source, my banter online is to seek favour from the new Government to be appointed as IGP and I am not in good terms with Abdoulie Sanyang. Ridiculous!

Well, I want to let everyone know that my banter online is my new found freedom, which I had never had for many, many years. I want to be on record to mention that I had never had any issues with Abdoulie Sanyang and whilst I was on an international appointment, Abdoulie Sanyang was the Commissioner incharge of Administration and we had an excellent and professional working relationship, given my position at United Nations. Assisting in the deployment of hundreds of Gambian Peace Keepers to Darfur was one of my objectives, but purely off my mandate. Abdoulie Sanyang is my friend and brother. I was the first he contacted immediately after his reinstatement.

The assertions attributed to me on my relationship with Abdoulie Sanyang are malicious and calculated to sow seeds of discord between the two of us.

Further more, I am more than comfortable with my current status and I have no intentions what so ever to lobby to the new Government for the Position of Inspector General of Police. I standby the current IGP against all odds and I will remain to do so. Yankuba Sonko is my course mate and undoubtedly, we are more than friends. He is quoted as having said ‘if the new government felt that I am inefficient, let them sack me ‘.What is more dignifying and honourable than this?

I am on travel status to return to the UN System after a break and let me be counted out as a ‘potential’ IGP. I can better serve The Gambia in an other way. I served as the Special Assistant to 5 Police Commissioners in the UN Mission in Darfur a post equivalent to Permanent Secretary. I acted as the Chief of Staff of the Police Component, holding the forth for the incumbent many times in a row. Why seek attention for promotion again?



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