I’ll concede, that the GDC party faces an uphill battle, but the party is looking forward in continuing to put the case to the Gambians on how our country could be run as opposed to the dithering situation we are in at the present. There is no room for complacency in the GDC party, there’s still so much work to do, we are a forward looking party and always combing for ways to improve on our shortcomings, it is only through mistakes that one can learn, the party has learnt from its mistakes and is now restructuring itself to pose a greater structure in winning any future elections and steer the country rightly and justly. 

The party is still strong like never before, those who jump ship did so for reasons best known to them, I have enormous respect for gentlemen like  Alhagie Sowe, Makam Sowe and Alhagie Essa Jallow, thank you on behalf of the GDC supporters for your brief support for the party, you’ve contributed meaningfully in one way or the other for the party, and such a goodwill help is still appreciated, you may leave the party, but your heart is still with us, we will continue from where you left us and pursue our course till we achieve what we intend achieving. 

Such gentlemen leaving the party, doesn’t mean the party is in tatters or in disarray, GDC is still brim with determine men and women who are genuine in their course and support for the party and will continue to manifest strength and loyalty to the party, they are united in their views and belief around the party and also united around as the party presses through in filing a petition to high court. 

The GDC will soon conduct a grand anniversary, marking its 1 year existence as a strong and formidable party with huge energy and momentum. GDC is a growing baby, we are the biggest opposition trailing behind UDP, we are working hard to shrink the gap and ultimately achieve what we are eyeing for. Naysayers can continue fabricating stories, distorting the party’s image, but we are unstoppable, our being as a political party is a reflection of national interest to give real hope and opportunity to all Gambians, GDC as an opposition is here to stay, we are  investing to make the lives of Gambian people better, the party can be relied upon to deliver and make a real difference helpful to all Gambians. The party’s  massive projects across the entire nation is part of our actions to improve the lives of many people.

In conclusion, we need a strong opposition in The Gambia to challenge the government on their economic agenda and their sense of direction in steering the affairs of the nation and GDC will soon kick start on such a direction, Support the GDC party, we are here to stand up for you and fight for you.

Thank you…

Written By Samba P Jallow 

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