Former Junta Vice Chairman, and Defense Minister Edward Singhateh, who was named in the murder of Gambia’s former Finance Minister Ousman Koro Ceesay, is still keeping his job at the ECOWAS Secretariat in Ghana, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Singhateh, is the Vice President of the African bloc. He was nominated by the former Jammeh regime to represent the country at the ECOWAS Secretariat. His election bid for the position of Vice President, was unanimously approved by the African body.

Mr. Singhateh and the ECOWAS President, recently paid a courtesy call to the Adama Barrow. He is in the good books of the new government, police say. His buddy Masaneh Kinteh, is the Chief of Defense Staff of Gambia’s Armed Forces. Mr. Kinteh’s uncle Alhagie Kanyi, who was also named in the murder of Mr. Ceesay, has been let scot free by the police after a brief interview by detectives in Banjul.

A police Detective in Banjul, who spoke to us on condition of anonymity said: “Edward Singhateh and his brother Peter Singhateh, are yet to be questioned. One of their co accused persons Alhagie Kanyi, has been interviewed. He has revealed a lot of information. Based on the information we received, it doesn’t look like Kanyi, and the Singhatehs will face justice anytime soon. They have been winning and dinning with the new government. Thanks to Masaneh Kinteh, these folks are walking freely.”

“Edward Singhateh, ought to have been recalled from his ECOWAS assignment, but this government has no problem with Edu representing this country. The family of Koro and Gambians should continue to mount pressure for the killers of Koro to face Justice. There is selective justice in this country. The death of Koro should not be left un-investigated. Ousainou Darboe, the leader of the UDP, has repeatedly promised Gambians that if elected into office, he will bring the killers of Koro to book. Now, he is in government, he is allowing the likes of Edu, and Kanyi to remain in the system, when the NIA 9 are rooting in jail,” said our source.

Koro Ceesay, was murdered after seeing off dictator Jammeh to the airport. This was during the early days of the military coup. He was working on his budget speech, when he was murdered.

Koro was reportedly beaten to death and dragged into his official car before he was set ablaze. His remains were found in his burnt car.

Lamin Kaba Bajo, was the Interior Minister at the time of Koro’s death. Mr. Bajo, promised to investigate and bring Koro’s killers to book, but up till now Koro’s killers haven’t  been brought to book.

The names of Edward Singhateh, Peter Singhateh, Alhagie Kanyi, Yankuba Touray, and co came up in the aftermath of Koro’s murder. No one has been charged so far for Koro’s murder.

Koro’s family is hoping that the government of Adama Barrow will dispense justice in the murder of their loved one.

Edward Singhateh, and those associated with Koro’s murder could not be reached for comment. 

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