Recently the shameless and opportunist Suku Singhateh is all over the place as if he is the founding leader of United Democratic Party ( UDP ). He said APRC is anti-Mandinka and that some former Jammeh Ministers wanted to meet Darboe and would like to join the UDP. Why would Suku and his turncoat irks want to meet Darboe before joining UDP? You don’t need to meet a party leader to join a party. It is clear to all that these are opportunists bunch of job seekers; the likes of Momodou Sabally, fake Doctor Njogu Bah, Alieu Jammeh.

These leeches will stop at nothing to line their pockets. Former President Jammeh’s tirade against the Mandinkas was about a year ago and yet Suku never resigned from the APRC but carried on as if nothing was said. In fact Suku was all over Baddibu ( together with Alieu Jammeh ) campaigning for Jammeh’s re-election telling his fellow Mandinkas that Jammeh was only referring to unscrupulous Mandinkas ( The UDP sympathizers ) and not the good ones.

If Suku and Co had any influence over voters, Jammeh would have won the last presidential election. The fact that Jammeh failed spectacularly means Suku and his irks have no influence over voters. People are no fools and nobody owns them, they will vote for whoever serves or will serve their interest. Politics of deception is over; he sensed that the game is over for him that’s why he re-invented himself shamelessly stalking Darboe. 

 Written By Saihou Sissoho

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