Gambia: Gambia football federation should engage football stakeholders


Another week passes by, I can only allure the efforts of Kenyan premier league doing something with their own TV coverage for the league. A dire Nigerians FA securing a sponsorship  for the Super Eagles. Ghana unveiling  premier league deal for player of the month & coaches of the month. Most importantly president Nana Addo holding a close door meeting with the new head coach Kwesi Appiah.

Impact, development, optimistic cannot be said by Lamin Kaba Bajo  led administration. Am beginning to question the role of the stakeholders in developing our football. The cult camp must put their camp issue aside and welcome football passionate developers.

We need administrators, marketers, agents , experts , technicians, journalist, ambassadors to take our game to the next level, a development quest which is long overdue.

It’s a deep sadness that Gambians great footballers back in the 70s, 80s and 90s are not involved with Gambian football. Many ascribing it to the closed doors they do meet at the football house. Where projects , ideas & proposals are ever honoured or welcomed. People must not be selfish too, to undermine the progress of Gambian football to their interest. 80% of Nawettan and Zonals do make a hit , therefore why can’t we put those resources , ideas and manpower to our league and national team setup? 

Gambian football should be better than it’s current state , we need to merchandise our league , expose & export our talents. If Biri Biri can be a legend in Sevilla, Steve Trawally fan favourite in Yanbian , what teps are we taking to produce these next generation. Papa Gassama excel in Africa and world refereeing, shows that we hold good dedication in all aspects of profession. But giving opportunities to people especially the younger generation is a necessity of future achievement.

By Buba Jallow Fallaboweh


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