Dear Pa,

Thank you for the good work you continue to do for the Gambian people. Your tireless efforts to expose the truth is highly commendable. Some people, especially those who have found new opportunities that they have never dreamt about will be uncomfortable or even annoyed. However, I consider you an oxygen for our new democracy. There must be accountability and transparency by Barrow and his government. It is true that we have to give them time but we must not also be complacent. We were complacent with Jammeh and he turned into a monster. People should be relieved but not carried away by the new Gambia. Already, there are some red flags which are of great concern to me. 

  1. During the impasse, Barrow promised to have regular press conferences. This is not happening. We are seeing press releases from State House instead.
  2. The much hyped Think Tank is still not in place.
  3. People are hired for technical/professional posts without any advertisement. It’s all based on whom you know. This is very unfortunate.
  4. There is a complete blackout about the state of Jammeh’s assets. We need to know what is going on.
  5. The matter of the Vice Presidency is still up in the air. This is a display of impunity at its best.
  6. Barrow should outline his agenda. There is a lack of clarity about his government’s legislative and other priorities.

Pretending that all is fine and Barrow will take us to the promised land is delusional considering that he has already reneged on some key promises 100 days on. If we want to move Gambia to the next level, we must be honest and confront the issues as they are. Running around looking for jobs, contracts and other favours from the new government will take us nowhere. People engaging in such activities should know that accountability will come one fine day.

Pa, keep up the good work.

Concerned Gambian

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