People are still pressing the question as to when is the government going to finish restructuring and organizing itself, adopt responsible policies for system change, and head to serious work to achieve its core aims and objectives? the vast majority of Gambians are grumbling, exhibiting impatience and signaling disappointments, that the current government’s pace is too slow to catch up commensurately with the urgent and compelling needs of The Gambian people. 
They are calling President Barrow to start responding with alacrity, to the elementary concerns of the people, by focusing more on the internal challenges faced by the country, particularly the economy and other vital sectors to produce growth and disperse the benefit to the entire population, rather than frequent visits to other countries like a tourist, it’s too premature and lame for him to indulge in such an expensive move, such ill-advised diplomatic moves are a gross waste of money, we have a country to build, there is so much work to do, to kick start and champion the urgent needs of the people.
By the same token, another great grievance expressed against Barrow’s government is the conspicuous widespread of ethnic hegemony in various units of government, there is a reason why people voted Jammeh out, among them are system change, more openness in the political system, equal opportunity and diversity, democracy, term limit, electoral laws, constitutional amendments to limit the powers of the presidency, checks and balance, equal application of the law, expunge ethnic hegemony and have a befitting inclusive government, and a national interest oriented government, but this government is farther afield from getting started.
Another concern demonstrated by the people, is the dramatic steps taken by the government to crack and weaken the military, dislodging some high ranking officers and relegating others down the military hierarchy as a way to reshape the nation’s military component, and its shocking to hear, that this government is going further, signaling its intention to fire many army officers and soldiers, and if that happens, there might be a fundamental uncertainty and the soldiers dislodged, might radically develop and shift the country in a bad situation leading to a divided chaotic condition. 
We have always been a country interested in peace and stability, and I hope, that will forever continue. The executive branch or the presidency must maintain a stable relation with the military unit and work out a great and well calculated shared decisions which will serve the national interest, but the way the government’s actions are unfolding, against our military component is sad and damning, I think if caution isn’t exercised, it will be incredibly difficult to maintain our long cherished privilege as a peaceful nation going forward..
Thank you..
Written By Samba P Jallow
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