The buzz around town is a new corruption scandal that has hit the Barrow administration hard.  The story is that the Barrow government is very split into factions.  On one side, you have Mai Fatty and Barrow who are largely running the government without consulting the cabinet.  As you know, Barrow has only had 1 cabinet meeting.  As he himself said on the BBC, he has been signing contracts without going to cabinet or seeking advice. 

The latest contract that has caused widespread outrage in government circles is the one that Mai Fatty, has negotiated with a company called Semlex.  This company is constantly in the news for its nefarious activities in Africa. It used the same tactics in the Congo.   According to Reuters: “Last Thursday Brussels prosecutors said they were investigating the deal with Semlex.” . You can read this story at the highly respected US News and World Report:

According to another Reuters story titled “pricey passport scheme sends millions of dollars offshore”  the company ended up fleecing the Congolese people 100s of million of dollars per annum with one of the most expensive passports in the world at $185.  You can read this story here: 

Well folks, the same is coming to our dear motherland.  Using the same tactics as they did in Congo, Semlex is in town to secretly sign a new contract.  This is all being done by Mai Fatty without invoking the Justice Ministry, GPPA, Cabinet, or the National Assembly.  Apparently whilst he was in Brussels, they allegedly received a bribe to give the secret contract to a foreign company without following any process. 

It is sad for our people that after we deposed the very corrupt and vile Yaya Jammeh, the new government is using the same corrupt tactics as Yaya Jammeh. In fact, some of the people surrounding Barrow are mostly crooks and con artists, who in past have conned people but are now running our country.  Mai Fatty for example was famous in Michigan for all the …..he used to run. Now he is Minister of Interior.   These people are mostly interested in lining their pockets and not in developing our country. 

The National Assembly has to conduct an enquiry into the ties between May Fatty and Semlex, just like they are doing in Belgium where the Belgian prosecutors are investigating the company’s ties to corruption and bribery according to the Reuters story above.  The newly elected MPs should not be like before and should stand up and ensure that we kick corruption and corrupt politicians into jail where they belong. 

Written By Gambia’s Deep Throat

Editors note: The views expressed in this write up are sorely that of the author. Mai Fatty, and the people named in this report could not be reached for their own side of the story. Thanks for your attention.

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