Hi Pa,
I was reading an article by The Point Newspaper titled, “Gov’t Liberalises Transport Sector”, and observed that road safety issues was not addressed. There are many issues with tipper truck accidents that claim the lives of many people every year because the trucks are not road worthy. There are many old trucks on the road that lack proper brakes lights, no working lights, regular maintenance and other safety measures. These issues need to be addressed in any transportation/trucking regulations that are meant to streamline the transportation sector, and make the roads safer for people. 
For example, during late evenings when getting dark, you will see some of these big trucks on the road with no brake lights, insufficient lights or some with no lights. This is very dangerous and hazardous. To make it worse, the traffic police look the other way because they are bribed. Collectively,  these problems are jeopardizing the lives of passengers and pedestrians.
Pa, please look into the transportation situation in the Gambia.
Ps: please don’t make my name public. Thanks. 
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