The lame duck mediocre Gambian president Adama Barrow, will soon face domestic and international protest marches to be spearheaded by activists, who are increasingly concerned about Barrow’s inept and flagrant violation of the constitution with impunity by failing to appoint a Vice President since ascending to the presidency one hundred days ago, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The New York based Gambian activist Saihou Mballow, has issued a ten days ultimatum to president Barrow to fill in the vacant VP position, which he has entrusted to Women’s Affairs Minister Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow to oversee. Failure of which, Mballow says he is going to organize a massive protest march at the United Nations to inform the Global body about Barrow’s lack of respect for the rule of law and the constitution.

Mr. Mballow is going to join us on air later this afternoon on Freedom Radio Gambia to discuss his proposed protest march. He tells the Freedom Newspaper that he is not going to compromise about the issue of the vacant VP position. He said he is very disappointed with Adama Barrow–given the euphoria and promises for political reform which  greeted his early days in office. Barrow, he said, has woefully failed Gambians and should rethink the ramifications of his actions. 

“Barrow and his government are taking Gambians for a ride. This is a blatant violation of the constitution. He swore to protect and defend the constitution. And here is Barrow, openly violating the constitution by failing to appoint a Vice President. We are not going to sit idly and allow him to take the country to ransom. This is not what we fought for. Tonight, I am going to make my views clear on Freedom Radio Gambia to Barrow and his government. If he fails to appoint a Vice President in the next ten days, I am going to organize a protest in New York,” Mballow said.

Mr. Barrow has earlier lied to Gambians that Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow, who was earlier appointed VP, has met the requirements to occupy the post—only to find out that she was overaged. Her appointment was later rescinded. She was subsequently named as Barrow’s women’s affairs Minister, tasked to oversee the vacant VP position. Mr. Barrow hasn’t given any explanation as to why he is refusing to appoint a Vice President. 

Mr. Barrow has routinely violated the constitution since coming to power. The constitution prohibits the president to make false and misleading statements in the due execution of his duties. In the case of the VP portfolio, he earlier defended the appointment of Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow, saying that she was properly vetted by an unknown vetting committee prior to her appointment. A statement Barrow, knew to be false and yet he tried to justify her appointment.

Under the current Gambian laws, Barrow’s conduct amounts to misconduct. He has also perjured himself by making false claims.

It is only in the Gambia that Adama Barrow can serve as a president for a day. The guy is unlettered, clueless and not presidential at all.

So far, Barrow, has demonstrated his inability to govern the Gambia. The very constitution, which he has sworn to protect and defend, he doesn’t fathom its dictates—talk less respecting it. He is nothing but an accidental clueless president. 

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