Honorable Members,

You were elected members of the house in a truly democratic era, free of fear and dictatorship. After Jammeh, no one in the Gambia was forced or feared to vote for you. Gambians voted for you with full conscience and freedom for you to represent them in shaping the laws of the Gambia.

Honorable members, it is fact that you have more responsibility to the people of the Gambia than to President Barrow and his government. We the Gambians totally depend on your morals and ethics to reshape the future of the Gambia for generations to come. As such we demand that you do not proceed in piecemeal reforms but engage in fundamental reforms once and for all.

It seems to us Gambians that President Barrow is only interested in the age limit reforms to quickly appoint Hon Fatoumata Tambajang and open a future presidential race for Hon Ousainou Darboe and NOTHING else. A bill is in the making towards that effect.

It is now evident that President Barrow represents only two people in the Gambia.

The 227000 Gambians who voted for President Barrow do not represent a thing in Barrow’s eyes. If such was the case Barrow would have appointed a VP longtime ago and thereafter prepare a comprehensive bill that address all the bad laws of the Gambia to be presented to the house at once.

Gambians are intelligent people and no one should take us for a ride.

It is disheartening to note that President Barrow is not in a hurry for changing other bad laws that made Gambians remove Jammeh from office.

Gambians generally voted for change of laws and bad governance systems and would like to see this change in our constitution and government.

It is against this background that we respectfully ask the Honorable members of parliament not to vote a bill on age limit only but to demand that all other bad laws such as: 1- The two term presidential limit, 2- the 50 +1 voting law, 3- The voting rights of the Diaspora, 4- The Media law and 5- The age limit law all be presented at once for voting.

If all the above laws are not included in the upcoming bill, we demand that the House rejects it and on a worst case scenario, the house to draft its own bill including all the above laws to be voted and presented to President for accent.

Yes the House can also initiate its own bill. It is your constitutional right.

If the President fails to address all our needs then the House can address those needs for us the people.

Respectfully yours.

Written by Pa Njie Girigara on behalf of the silent majority.

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