Hasib Masri, CEO of Castle Oil, who used to smuggle Diesel and Gasoline into the country by night, loading trailers from a vessel he used to own by the name ‘Jamal Masri’ when the Port was closed to avoid paying duties by bribing night shift Port Officials, has recently been awarded a tender to supply the Nation’s only electricity provider, NAWEC, Heavy Fuel Oil.

According to reliable sources, the one-time dealer, who once owned a small aeroplane and it crashed at the Banjul International Airport to allegedly scam the Insurance Company, Hasib Masri blends Gasoline with other cheap quality petroleum and sells it in his Castle Oil Stations as Good Quality Gasoline to make more money with complete disregard to how this damages the engines of vehicles.

ATLAS bid a price of US$100 above PLATTS whiles Masri’s Castle bid was US$58 above PLATTS. Subsequently rose his bid to US$90 after claiming that he did not understand the terms of the delivery were up to the Stations and thought were ex-Depot excluding storage and transport fees. In any normal tender, Masri’s bid would have been rejected and disqualified.

However, the NAWEC’s new Managing Director, accepted the bid, clearly knowing that he was part of the Board of Directors of NAWEC and cannot be getting deals to supply NAWEC.

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