Gambian Health officials are denying the presence of Chinese plastic rice in Gambian markets. The denial, followed videos circulating on social media warning locals about the presence of plastic rice in the impoverished West African nation. “The food safety and quality authority wishes to inform the general public that there is no such product in the Gambia and assure you that due diligence will be taken to address the concerns related to the alleged behavior of the rice found on the market when it is balled up,” said the Director General of the agency.

“Preliminary investigations carried out by the inspectors of the authority have shown no presence of plastic in the rice being sold in our markets. Please note that there are different methods of processing of rice, leading to different concentrations of starch in the rice, which can cause the alleged behavior,” the statement added.

The Gambian officials assured consumers that it would do everything in its powers to ensure that food being sold at the market is wholesome and safe.

Meanwhile, some communities have filed complaints with the police alleging the presence of plastic rice in their neighborhood stores.The Health officials maintained that there is no presence of fake plastic rice in the Gambia. 

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