As Adama Barrow’s government is carelessly watching by to allow former dictator Yahya Jammeh’s assets and properties stolen in a broad daylight, the Kanilai Farm Manager Alieu Sowe, is at this hour busy allegedly transporting cows from the farm to his native village in the Badibus, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Sources said they have seen Mr. Sowe taking Jammeh’s cows to his village. He was also seen driving different cars belonging to Yahya Jammeh.

This development came in the wake of reports that Jammeh’s assets and properties are being allegedly stolen by some government officials and employees of his Kanilai farm. Jammeh’s businesses are up and running. The Kanilai farm, the Kanilai bakeries, and Kanilai Group International business outlets are still operational.

A source, who reached this medium said: “ The Barrow government is sleeping. Jammeh’s properties are being looted.  I saw Alieu Sowe, the Kanilai Farm Manager transporting cows to his home village. He is also changing cars like he changes his pants. The Barrow government ought to have frozen Jammeh’s ill-gotten wealth.  I cannot sit on such a vital information. I deem it imperative to inform you about Mr. Sowe’s activities at the farm.”

Alieu Sowe could not be reached for comment.  

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