An empirical indicative reality dictates that, when a government fears the people, there’s liberty and democracy, and conversely, when the people fear their government, there’s tyranny or dictatorship, which will surely slip us backwards. Having learnt a terrible lesson, we must avert the repeat of the past, by keeping an eye on the government, and  prepare mentally and willfully to make it a duty to have our government fear us, so that caution will be employed to avoid failing their duties in serving us right, fairly and honestly.
The government is our servant, and the head of a government which is the president is our chief servant, and we the people are his Boss and master. We the people elected him to run the affairs of our nation in the best possible collective interest of all the citizen.
Let’s understand this basic logic to exercise our civil right by putting our government and elected officials to task, criticize constructively when wrongs are committed. We must never underestimate our collective voice, it can make a lots of difference, a compelling pressure to our government through constructive criticism will yield a listening ear to execute our demands.
The primary concern of a president must always be the greatest good of all the people of our country whose servant he is. He must be true to his own conviction and conscience, his duty is not only to merely proclaim domestic tranquility, economic prosperity, good healthcare system and so on, but to use every legal means to ensure our country is moving in the right trajectory.
Dear citizens of The Gambia, our power is our votes and voices, we must harness it to our advantage, to condition our president to sometimes rely on popular public opinion to do what’s right. Right makes might.
Written By Samba P Jallow 
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