This is a breaking news. Instead of setting up a Commission of Inquiry to allow reputable auditors to thoroughly investigate the massive fraud involving the siphoning off the Gateway Termination Revenues by the then President Yaya Jammeh, the Barrow administration has appointed the former Managing Director of Gamtel and Minister of Communication in the former regime, Mr. Bakary Njie, and gave him the responsibility to head the investigations into the extent of the huge financial crime committed by the former President which was reported by the current Minister of Finance to be over USD 50 million  (USD 5 million from the International Gateway Account running from September 2013 to July 2014; and USD 45, 171, 420 which was deposited in another account called Special Projects Fund).   

So far other members of the team are Mr. Abdoulie Kebbeh a onetime Technical Director at Gamtel who absconded to the US during the early days of the Jammeh regime when he was found culpable of fraud by the then Gamtel Commission; Mr. Jamal Micknas, a brother-in-law of Alfa Barry and also a former MD of Gamtel, and one Mr. Jabbi of Submarine Cable. Meantime, World Bank officials are closely reviewing the 7-page contract between GAMTEL and MGI which was signed by Baboucar Sanyang, the sacked MD. on behalf of the Government of the Gambia instead of his line Minister. 

Why the government of Adama Barrow decided to negate on its promise to set up a Commission of Inquiry to probe this serious fraud is the concerns that everybody wanted to be addressed. One thing we know, the current MD of Gamtel, Mr. Saul Susso and his deputy Sidi Jaiteh are ‘boy-boy” of Bakary Njie and Kebbeh.

Furthermore, the management of the gateway was given to MGI since 2014 and this new MD Susso is complicit to the crime which can only be exposed by the assiduous work of an independent and competent Commission.

The investigations of the Gateway Project have now been moved from the Ministry of Finance to this task force headed by Bakary Njie. It remains to be seen whether they will carry out the tasks involved with impartiality and without fear or favor. But one thing is certain, you cannot appoint ex-Directors of GAMTEL to investigate themselves. The independence of this task force has already been compromised. we wait and see how those millions will be recovered.

Please investigate further on this matter.

Written By An Insider

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