Gambia Women’s football goal machine Adama Tamba scores 50 goals in Eleven games
By Buba Jallow Fallaboweh, 05 May, 2017
Adama Tamba; the state of Gambian women’s football hasn’t changed, the federation should export atleast three players to start with…….
A women’s final in Yaounde last year brought 40,000 spectators as Cameroon took on Nigeria in women’s African Cup of nation final. The African continent cannot boast the number of export when it comes to male players compare to women players. The female leagues are poor and not lots of exposure is been concentrated neither. At the ICE football ground we catch up with  one of the Gambia’s greatest female footballer prospect Adama Tamba who idolise Cari Lloyd and have 50 goals in 11 matches this season bringing her tally to 111 league goals and six goals for the national team. 
Buba -Your goal record is amazing, are you a born scorer or just love the art of scoring ?
Adama – Second division is not our match, circumstances lead us there but now we back to the top flight. Scoring 50 goals is an amazing record , still lots of people don’t believe me some even ask me if it was basket ball or what, but I replied I only put hard work.
Buba -Have your met any sentiments been a footballer?
Adama – Football do take me to the training ground likewise the field and am solely concentrated on the game. That’s my life.
Buba – Remind us your proudest moment ever so far been a footballer likewise your best goal?
Adama -The goal I scored against Weshang United is my best goal and the game against Interior FC last season was my best game in Red scorpion jersey, I played well and we end up beating them and it was a derby. Whenever clubs are facing Red scorpions they are extra motivated which leaves me with no option than prepare mentally and wanting to show them what am made off.
Buba – What helped as a footballer are you seeking from the federation and football stakeholders?
Adama – Often overlook, the state of Gambian women football hasn’t change much. The day that people will watch TV and see a Gambian woman playing football , I think that will be huge boast. But the federation must boast the morals and at least export three players abroad not forgetting registering competitions for both the U-17 and the national team category.
Buba – How have you cope with the lost of  Fatima Jawara?
Adama – It’s painful, we just heard of her  travelling and later got the devastating news of her death. We manage to prepare T-shirt’s inserting her picture telling her that she still lives in our memory. Fatima was someone very close to me and always advising me especially the tournament we spent in Baku in 2012.
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