New dealers of NAWEC Heavy Fuel Oil, Diesel & Gasoline Smuggler Hasib Masri and NAWEC’s new MD, Alhagie Conteh are currently using their powerful friends in the New Gambia’s Government to force Gam Petroleum’s Terminal at Mandinari to accept to discharge their Petroleum Boat ‘Tina Theresa’ without any legal procedure.

The International Standards and Procedures of Terminal stated that it can only accept a boat if it is nominated and vetted, but according to reliable sources, Masri and Conteh’s ‘Tina Theresa’ was brought in without an announcement.

It is believed that Hasib Masri and NAWEC’s MD Alhagie Conteh are following no rules and regulations as they have their friends in high positions in Gambia’s New Government and it has been revealed that the Management of the Terminal received intimidating and threatening phone calls from the Secretary General, Mr. Fadera; Minister of Petroleum, Fafa Sanyang; Social Security’s Managing Director, who doubles as the Chairman of Board of Directors at Gam Petroleum, Mohamad Manjang, as well as from Masri and Conteh themselves directing them to let the boat in ‘or else…’

A copy of an email from Oryx Energies, a Petroleum Supplier strongly recommending Gam Petroleum not to discharge the boat..

Please find attached copy of the email…

Editors note: There is a conflict of interest at NAWEC. Some board members are also acting as vendors to the institution. So far two names have surfaced in our investigations: Charles Mbye, proprietor of General Engineering, whose offices is situated in Mannjai-Kunda, and Alhagie Conteh, the former MD of NAWEC. The duo are board members of NAWEC and have been accused of providing services to the institution. This begs the question as to whether NAWEC projects would be fairly tendered for public bidding. The answer is an emphatic no! This is corruption 101-101.  Welcome to the new Gambia, where corruption is openly perpetuated.

The ‘Tina Theresa’ boat issue is now coming up. We will continue to investigate and report the Gambian story without prejudice. 

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