A ferry accident occurred in the Gambia on Sunday, leaving two people dead, and dozen others injured, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. This followed a stampede at the Ferry crossing point in Barra, where thousands of passengers rushed to board the Johe ferry. All the ferries have been grounded due to mechanical problems. Johe is the only ferry at this hour plying between Barra and Banjul. The ferry was overloaded with passengers; hence during the rush hour, there was a stampede.

The identities of the dead passengers could not be established, but sources said two people died during the stampede. Barra is the scene of stranded passengers. Trucks and small cars have been stranded in the coastal village for days now. The Johe ferry lacks the capacity to transport big trucks and cars.

A disastrous tragedy nearly hit the Gambia. So far, two people have been confirmed dead. Panic and anxiety continue to grip the ferry passengers.

The government of Adama Barrow, hasn’t discussed the issue of maritime transportation and safety since coming to power. Passengers lives are on the line—given the lack of sea safety ferries to transport passengers between Barra and Banjul. 

On the face of the acute ferry shortages, coupled with lack of sea safety worthiness, Barrow and his government are on a Cabinet retreat. The retreat ends today. Meanwhile, the economy continues to tumble amid massive inflation. 

The ports officials could not be reached for their own side of the story at the time of filing this report.

In another development, the workers posted at the “Jammeh garage” in Kotu, were today asked to vacate the premises. This is where Jammeh’s luxurious trucks, cars, and helicopters have been parked. It is not clear where the order is coming from, but this medium can report that the Kotu garage has been taken over by the Barrow government.

The Kotu garage used to be called the National Maintenance Services. It used to be owned by government. But dictator Jammeh decided to take over the place and employed his own staff to run the garage. Lalia Diab, was among the managers of the said garage. She was later replaced. 

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