Gambia: Qcell Call Center Reps Accused Management Of “Workers Exploitation, Abuse, And Bureaucratic Red Tape.”


Dear Pa,

I am writing this message to inform you about the difficulties and hardship the Call Center reps are facing at Qcell. People apply for jobs at Qcell and at the beginning when you are called for an interview, the head of Admin Mr Lette and The Customer Care manager Anam Jah, a sister to the C.E.O will interview the applicant and accept him or her immediately. The applicant will be given a contract of six months or 1 year, as a Customer Care and Call Center Operator.

During the interview, you will be asked, can you work on permanent afternoon shift. With all the work you have sacrificed for the company, a month before your contract expires, you will be called and told that your contract is almost at the end and the company will not renew it.

After your contract ends, you will be dismissed. The HR manager will tell you it’s from the CEO. Instead of moving them to other departments, where they have vacancies, they will prefer to abandon you and recruit another person and they will end up suffering the same way you did. Call Center representatives at Qcell are forever in a contract they’ve never been staffed.

Halima Badjie of Bakau, was a Call Center Senior Supervisor, who worked at Qcell, since 2010, until 2016. She was asked to go for an interview at Espace Motor within the Qgroup and she requested for a favor to be just transferred instead of going for an interview otherwise they allowed her to maintain her position of supervising at the Call Center.

In view of  that, she was denied of maintaining her Supervisory position and was sacked with immediate effect. In 2017, it happened to Modou Njie, a Call Center rep. Njie, has worked in the company for the past two years; his contract was due for expiration, but he was lucky that his contract was renewed for another one year. Sometime last week, Mr Jah with his high temper attitude towards his employees, he conducted a training for the call center reps. Guess what happened? Modou Njie, came late for training he entered the auditorium and was asked, why did you come to work late, and he explained that it was due to transportation problems. Mr. Jah asked him to leave office immediately and told him you are fired as from today. He forwarded the matter to his Manager to sack him.  And this was how Njie lost his job without giving him a warning letter. Njie, who was very hard working and punctual ended up getting fired.

Here are the names of those who worked there before and their contracts were never renewed or staffed. 
Batch Jawo,
Fatou Saho,
Bintou Samba,
Dawda Sowe
Sohna Sowe,
Malick Nying,
Sait Kebbeh 
And the other list is those who resigned due to the hard work and they ended up being dumped after their contracts end;
Lamin Fofana,
Mamah Korra,
Jainaba Jagne,
Andrew Junior Dacosta,
Karanta Jaiteh,
Salimata Ceesay.
More are expected to resign soon. Please fellow Gambians, if anyone of you is sending an application to the Qcell Company and you are accepted at the Call center “DON’T GO THERE BECAUSE YOU WILL END UP REGRETTING IT”…. This is what the youths are facing on with the Gambian billionaire. Others will say Jah is really helping the Gambian youths while he never helped no one. He is just using the youths.

Written By A Disgruntled Staff

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