The situation with the former Liberian mercenaries is still unresolved despite the fact that four of them are under detention at the moment–thanks to the resilience of some members of the army and determination to get them with the help of XXXXXXXX. The much publicized media reports of Waa Drammeh being caught at Trust Bank, is far from being the truth as he is not even banking in the first place. 13 of them have escaped and I have been reliably informed that they have connected with the rest of the jungulars. They are being closely monitored by the XXXXXXXXX with the help of the other forces. This is a very discrete operation which is why I will not elaborate more.

It’s a matter of time before they try to launch a small scale incursion inside our territory. The campaign at the moment is to rally their fellow enablers in the security services and making them believe that this government is a threat to them. They are making real progress, as I am writing. This threat should not be taken lightly and very soon you will see what they are planning.  I sometimes sit and wonder why Masanneh is not doing anything regarding this perceived threat instead he has surrounded himself with the very people, who are spearheading this nefarious plan.

If he is not removed and am repeating it for the third time, I think the country will face its worst disaster. The only thing they are waiting for is the foreign troops to leave which is inevitable.

Let a robust army General be brought in to replace him in the person of Xxxxx and if he is not interested then xxxxxxx who is also a very decent officer.

Masanneh is corrupt and tribalistic and nobody here respects or fear him because all he knows is how to get himself rich. Can you imagine he took along 86 officers and soldiers on his this useless tour paying them each D3,250 each and he himself took D13,0000 as his welfare? This is ridiculous. The hard ration and feeding imprest is not even part of this.

The army is dramatically running into serious debts which will never be paid this year. Some vendors are owed more than 3 million dalasi. Please let the relevant authorities know all these as soon as possible and if they fail to investigate this financial crimes, then we will all believe that he is only kept to his post based on tribal line.

Ask yourself why Masanneh will take that many soldiers on tour. The only reason is, he is not feeling secure. He is a coward. If the CDS didn’t feel secure in his own barracks, then imagine the state of those forces or the national security implications.

Written By Officer Chucks

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