Contrary to reports suggesting the alleged demise of Khalifa Bajinka, the former Aide De Camp to the exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, sources reaching the Freedom Newspaper, have intimated that Mr. Bajinka is alive and currently responding to treatment. This followed the hospitalization of Mr. Bajinka at a Boston hospital, here in the United States.

The former army officer has been taken ill. He was said to have briefly lost consciousness during his hospitalization amid serious chronic pneumonia. He couldn’t speak, leading to speculations that he died. Someone was said to have phoned Fatu radio on Monday, claiming that Bajinka is dead.

A source who reached us said: “I have spoken to Khalifa Bajinka’s brother Yahya Bajinka. He is in the hospital with Bajinka. Bajinka is not dead. He is alive. What happened was he had a serious chronic pneumonia. He was in coma. He cannot talk, but he can hear. The person, who phoned to say that he is dead, I guess she is out to mislead the public. You can phone Yahya Bajinka via Facebook messenger. He will confirm the story to you. Bajinka is alive.”

The Proprietor and host of Fatu radio, Fatu Camara said she was live on air when a lady phoned from the Gambia, crying on the phone saying that Bajinka, has passed away. But one Sedou Bajinka, later contacted Fatu to deny the story. He said his brother is alive and the caller was misinformed.  The caller maintains that she is still getting conflicting information about Bajinka’s health. 

Bajinka’s brother Yahya could not be reached for comment at the time of filing this report.

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