Gambia’s Ambassador to the United States Sheikh Omar Faye, is going to be accorded a sendoff party on May 30th, as his tour of duty to the United States, has just ended. His successor Ebrima Manneh, a veteran Gambian politician, is expected in the US, in coming weeks to bid a farewell to his predecessor Faye, before officially taking over the Embassy from him.

Mr. Faye, who was Jammeh’s handpicked Ambassador to the US, had his services terminated in the wake of the political impasse, which resulted to his former boss Jammeh, leaving the impoverished West African nation for Equatorial Guinea, where Jammeh now live in exile. Faye rallied support for Barrow, who later appointed him as an Ambassador to the US.

This followed sub regional pressure on Jammeh to relinquish power. Barrow ascended to the presidency immediately Jammeh left town. He was escorted from Dakar,  to Banjul, under heavy Senegalese security protection. He spent weeks in Dakar, before returning to the Gambia. 

According to sources familiar with the story, Ebou Manneh’s accreditation to the US, as Gambia’s chief diplomat, has been accepted. He is expected to assume duties soon, our source said.

Mr. Manneh briefly settled in Raleigh, North Carolina, prior to his home return. He served as a Permanent Secretary under Jawara’s rule. But once Jammeh overthrew the former PPP government led by former president Jawara, he was sent packing. He had his services with the Gambian government terminated.

Mr. Manneh, has a wealth of experience in public administration, diplomacy, and governance. He is also a bilingual. He speaks fluent English and French.

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