Mamma Kandeh is an astute political icon, a remarkable idol and a unique figure, everyone’s introduction to GDC is likely to be, because of his immense encouraging voice of eloquent and forthrightness. He is such a humble and a down to earth man who always believe in the service of the people, as visionary as he is, he has sound action points and capital ideas to propel our nation forward..

There is a general recognition of Mamma Kandeh and the GDC being the only stance and hope to give Gambians a better, fairer and an all inclusive diverse government of openness, transparency and democratic development to a process of real and true national reconciliation..

The GDC leadership is courteously casting an eye over our government and watching closely whether the government’s promise for meaningful reforms are genuine or fictitious, and that’s why the revered leader is patiently watching and reserving himself giving the government time to reorganize and reposition itself, it will be too early for him to start throwing punches of criticism at them, but he’ll surely do in due course.

We hope most of the ideal reforms of national priority will be instituted before the end of the year.  

In GDC, we trust.

Written By Samba P Jallow 

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