The Gambia Scorpions unexpected fixture cost them a heavy defeat against the host in Mali
By Ousman B Kinteh, 09 May, 2017
Mali thrash The Gambia Deaf scorpion four goals to nil in the West African Deaf football tournament in Mali on Saturday. Last Saturday West African Deaf football tournament open ceremony see a football match between Mali ?? vs Gambia ?? at 6:30pm in Malian capital Bamako.
Source say the Malians outclassed the scorpion boys and they were exhausted within the first 25minutes of playing against Mali. But Gambian deaf president Lamin Cessay blame the defeat as Mali thrash The Gambia Deaf scorpion four goals to one in the West African Deaf football tournament in Mali on Saturday, ” It’s not legally right for The Gambia to play against Mali. Since it should be Ghana …but Ghana team couldn’t make up here due financial crises, they should replace by Nigeria but again Nigeria did not arrive on time, so they just encourage The Gambia replace and grace the open ceremony said Lamin”. 
The Sierra Leone National Deaf  Football  Team  arrived in Mali,Bamako yesterday 7th May 2017 to participate in the 7th edition of the west Africa deaf football tournament .
The delegation include 12 officials and 18 players headed by Ramatu Sesay president of the Sierra Leone deaf sports federation. On arrival the team was received by the president of west Africa deaf sport union  Mr. Josiah Amuah.
The tournament which was billed for 6-12 may 2017  is already in progress with the host country Mali played the Gambia on the opening day in which the latter were thrashed 4-0 at the Bamako stadium on Saturday.
The tournament is being organized by  the west Africa deaf sports union  in conjunction with the Ecowas youth council  and Nine countries from the sub region are expected  participate.
Speaking to the head of the Gambia delegation Mr. Lamin Ceesay, he said only five countries did make it to Mali .
It is not yet know whether late comer Sierra Leone team would be allow to participate as the competition is already in progress prior to their arrival.
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