Honorable minister,

Ex-President Yaya Jammeh used to threaten the civil servants that they will face his electric broom and has indeed executed his threats for two decades with wild terminations.

Most of the time some of them are arrested at the NIA for weeks and months without explanation and their benefits confiscated. How many families suffered terminations under Jammeh? You were one of the early victims as well.

We cannot recall the number of civil servants who lost their hard earned benefits for one reason or another. Speculations and witch hunting stories surrounded their ordeals for two decades. It was a very sad and dark period indeed. Thank GOD Jammeh is gone forever.

Hon Minister, Jammeh’s old method of sacking civil servants without proper investigations or setting up of commissions of enquiries or conducting forensic audits exercises in their departments should not continue in this new Gambia? No sir. That should be a thing of the past.

If you suspect any civil servant of abuse of office, collusion or corruption, suspend them pending results of investigations.

But to wake up one morning and sack people as in the past is not respecting their rights, nor applying government service rules and procedures. You are also sending the wrongs signals to would be professional Gambians working in the International organizations to take up jobs in Barrow’s new government.

You are as well looking for trouble Hon Minister and believe me lots of wrongful termination court cases will be instituted against government as Hon Ba Tambedou rightly puts it even Jammeh’s assets cannot be touch without proper investigations carried out for fear of being sued in court.

In this new Gambia, fear of wild terminations, arrest, torture, disappearance and killing should be a thing of the past in our country. Gambians fought for their liberation and freedom and should never again condone the old practices and methods of dictatorship. The rule of law must be respected and applied in all cases if we want to live in permanent peace.

Honorable Minister you have been an early victim of horrible dictatorship, therefor no one should teach you and your family how it feels. Honorable Ousainou Darboe and family have also been victims of the system and how many more Gambians were victimized?

Today Allah have given you the same powers that were given to Jammeh, what would you do with these powers now in your hands, revenge, witch hunt, victimize?

I guess not, I knew you are a fervent and faithful Muslim who knows Allah teachings.

Allah is now watching you, your government and President Barrow on how you will discharge the duties He destined you to replace Jammeh. Allah is now testing you.

Honorable Minister no honest Gambian is against terminating any civil servant’s job but your manner of doing it reminds people of Jammeh’s dictatorship methods.

We expect this new government to adopt correct and lawful methods of sacking civil servants by conducting investigations and forensic audits to prove their culpability.

Hon Minister if the sacking of the executives of Central Bank of the Gambia is based on perceptions or politics, then it is totally wrong. If it based on preempting evidence tampering then temporary suspension should apply pending audit results. That is the way to go. If you feel because they were Jammeh enablers then over half of the top civil service should be suspended forthwith pending investigations.

Finally remember that some of the Central Bank executives were there before Jammeh came to power and tarnishing their career files in this new Gambia is the worst nightmare Gambians expect going forward.

Honorable Minister, civil servants are appointed politicians.

These people are servants who rose thru the ranks of the civil service, and therefore should not be treated like convicted criminals. By making these people loose their jobs, salaries and benefits overnight you are not measuring the family consequences?

To conclude Hon Minister the least we expect from Barrow government is the use of the old dictatorship practices and methods in the New Gambia?

Please take heed and correct the wrongs, legally, lawfully and impartially.

Thank you.

Written by Pa Njie Girigara.

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