By Ousman B Kinteh. 10 May, 2017
Lamin Kaba Bajo is using his experience of dirty politics he learned from conventional politics to dribble his opponents in the football politics. Knowing that it is just one year before GFF Elective congress, Kaba is doing everything to buy Regional Presidents who has three votes each  to vote at GFF elections.
The GFF president is in Bahrain with Ansumana Sanneh of LRRFA to attend CAF extraordinary Congress. What has Ansumana to do with CAF Congress when the three vice presidents and other executive members are lying fallow at the football house? This is bribery and the football stakeholders should read in between lines and start reacting to Kaba’s cheap and dirty politics he learned from his former Boss, AJJ Jammeh. You cannot sacrifice such important meetings to some non entities in the name of canvassing for votes.
What is also disheartening is Kaba is only travelling with the Assistant Secretary General of GFF to all FIFA and CAF functions. What is going on? Is the Secretary General Abass Bah a liability or has trust issues with his Boss?
Gambia football federation lead by president Lamin Kaba Bajo decline the help to borrow our national football jerseys and football materials to the Gambia national deaf scorpions football team representing our smiling coast of The Gambia in the ongoing west African Deaf football tournament in Mali.
President of Gambia deaf association “Since they promised to do something for us . But later they totally fail us. So all they did is nothing for us instead of provoking no . They give us nothing. We brought these jersey by ourselves on loan . So we have to refund it later and after return home.” Said Lamin Cessay.
Thank Allah, yes our boys have done it, The Gambia Deaf Scorpions FC beat Ivory Coast yesterday 3-0 in the West African deaf football tournament in Mali.
We will face Nigeria Deaf team today . Thank for those who are praying us ??. The Deaf Scorpions has only two matches  left to reach Final . The goals were scored by Abdoulie Nije first captain , second goals by Babucarr Bay winger right and third goal by Ebo Jallow winger left .
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