Prosecution witnesses have torched the 9 top former NIA officers for their alleged role in the death of United Democratic Party (UDP)
activist Ebrima Solo Sandeng with incriminating revelations that left an entire courtroom in shock and tears.

“I am directly answerable to the Director General Yankuba Badgie. I do go to his office to get permission from him.  When I went there I found him sitting in a seat opposite to his office. Then I stood near him, and I heard cries not far from us. When I asked who are these
people, he (Yankuba Badjie)  told me they are UDP people,” said on Tuesday State Intelligence Services (SIS) West Coast Region Director Omar Boajng while giving his testimony in the high profile case involving the former top brass of the defunct National Intelligence Agency.

Together with some UDP supporters, Ebrima Solo Sandeng spearheaded a protest march for electoral reforms on April 14, 2016,. Their move was met with a full-scale crackdown by security forces. Some of them were arrested and reportedly subjected to torture that led to the death of Ebrima Solo Sandeng. The NIA 9 are charged with multiple offences including conspiracy to murder, murder, assaults causing actual bodily harm, conspiracy to commit misdemeanor, forgery and making false documents without authority. They pleaded not guilty to charges pressed against them.

“I told him it is not safe to bring these people here – especially politicians. With his mood, I realized  that he was not pleased with
the comment I made,” Omar Bojang told the court as he disclosed that it was later that he learned that one of the UDP militants happens to be Ebrima Solo Sandeng.

The second prosecution witness further revealed that former NIA boss requested for Sandeng to be brought before him for interrogation. He then added that when Ebrima Solo Sandeng was taken there, he fell down prompting Yankuba Badgie to give instructions to his men  to place him under the fan, saying he might have feinted.

The first prosecution witness Daouda Ndure , who is also an operative of the country’s spy agency,  made his appearance in court on Monday and came up with startling revelations that incriminate the NIA 9.

He confirmed how the UDP activist succumbed to the i-treatment he was subjected by his interrogators after they whisked him away from his office. He added that It was later that he saw EbrimaSolo Sandeng lying on a mattress covered with bloodstained bed sheet.

Ndure further stated that it was after the body was taken to a NIA camp for burial. He singled out 2 of the accused persons Sheikh Omar Jeng and Tamba Mansary for having removed Ebrima Solo Sandeng body from the pick-up van and buried it with the help of some junior officers.

Justice Kumba Sillah subsequently adjourned the case till Wednesday 10 April  for continuation.

Written by Abdoulie JOHN

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