Police in The Gambia have confirmed the arrest of three members of former dictator Yahya Jammeh’s family. Among the arrestees include: Jalamang Jammeh, Sainey Jammeh, and Araba Jammeh. The trio were arrested in their home village of Kanilai, and taken into police custody.

No reason was given for the arrest of the Jammeh brothers. Police spokesman Conta told the press that the detainees are helping them in their investigations. Although, Conta will not comment on the circumstances surrounding the arrest of the family of the former Gambian autocratic ruler.

The police command have issued a press release shedding light on the arrest of the Jammeh family.

“The interrogation of the accused persons were held at the police headquarters in Banjul. It was in regards to certain information that the investigators wanted to know from the detainees,” Conta was quoted as saying.

Dictator Yahya Jammeh is living in exile in Equatorial Guinea. He left some members of his family behind in Kanilai. His mum, wife Zainab Souma Jammeh, kids and security aides, were among entourage, who travelled with the dictator to Malabo. 

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