GDC has survived the test of blackmails and endurance. The callous irresponsible spurious news about GDC been evicted from their political bureau is on the circulation, don’t fall for such cheap attacks, it never happened, the restaurant adjacent to the bureau is moving out, not GDC. The extravagant display of hate by sympathizers of other political parties or the So-called neutral analysts against the GDC is appalling and distasteful. 
Those who amass their forces in pursuit of distortionary piece to negate GDC’s image will fail woefully, no one can thrive to stay the advancement of the party, we are a political juggernaut and that image will keep soaring throughout the nation, start getting over it!!
The tighter they squeeze to defame the GDC, the more powerful we become. This demonstrates very vividly, why it is a bad idea to hatefully cook up stories attacking GDC, spouting ignorance.
We haven’t move an inch, our political bureau is still intact. Don’t fall for the bunch of malarkey reported otherwise on social media or online radios. 
In GDC, we trust.
Written By Samba P Jallow 
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