It is indeed compelling to believe that Yankuba Sonko will do everything possible to stifle the Barrow Administration’s efforts to bring offenders of the former regime to book. He has worked with former government since 2010 as Inspector General Police. During his spell with the Jammeh Government he played a pivotal role in silencing dissenting political opinions and aided and abetted in almost all crimes perpetrated against innocent Gambians just for the exclusive satisfaction of his former boss- Yahya Jammeh. IGP was one of the arch-enablers of Yahya Jammeh. He is obsessed in keeping his job at the expense of impartial dispensation of justice. Being an enabler, will he investigate crimes committed under his watch? Absolutely not. As IGP, he has the power and influence to meddle into cases that implicate him. He must step aside immediately. It is absolutely bizarre for an incriminated judge to preside over his own crimes.  Sonko is not competent at all to head the police. He was referred many times for his LLB in UK. He could not also pass his Bar programme here in the Gambia, he was helped to pass. His batch mates can attest to this. Sonko survived Jammeh’s regime simply because he was more than willing to do his bidding for him.

Former IGP Wilson is a brave man and respects his job. He mustered the courage to attend to UN Human Right rapporteur on Gambia and vehemently spoke his mind. He was sacked immediately after meeting them and Sonko was reinstated. Sonko, stopped the UN team from visiting the prisons and other detention centers in the country. He further advised the President to cautiously send them back.

So long Sonko remains the Boss of the law enforcement agency, Ousman Sonko the former minister of the Interior, will never be found wanton of any crimes he allegedly committed during the Jammeh regime. Sonko’s (former minister) alleged crimes are copiously abundant even street dwellers could recount his involvement in the killing of corporal Dumbiya, Almamo Manneh, Deyda Hydara and the list goes on. It is mind boggling for sound minds to fathom the rationale behind the inability to extradite him. Jungglers have not spared his name either. But IGP is refusing to cooperate with the investigations on his allege cases fearing a be- all and end-all suicidal effect that might cause him. Ousman Sonko was his boss. They have ordered, directed, planned and executed many evils machinations together. Former minister will not spare IG if he should be extradited.

In a matter of few months of Barrow’s administration the IG has employed sabotage tactics to either discourage or cause disorder in the country. He knew very well that the NIA 9 Case is no small case, a case that attracts both national and international attention but Sonko failed to provide enough security at the court leading to altercations that degenerate to fist fighting among parties in the first two sittings. This came to a halt when newspaper articles raise concerns over security failures at the courts. Murder of any sort must be taken seriously, particularly, a politically motivated one.  Will he do this if it were the former government? No.

Currently there are many investigations going on involving secret assassinations and disappearances without trace at the Police Headquarters. Some of the investigations have been compromised with the assertion that the alleged victims must have died on their back way sojourn to Italy. Sadly, some culprits are being release due to high level interferences.  Those accused of killings in the early years of the former regime are being processed to face a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) who will be finally pardoned for reconciliation purposes. People like Alagie Kanyi a former soldier now an immigration officer was notorious for butchering soldiers in the most grotesque way in the famous November 11 1994 socalled attempted coup. He was also involved in the assassination of Koro Ceesay. Kanyi’s killings depict that of ISIS. He was a merciless and ruthless killer. He confessed to the crimes committed but IGP Sonko wanting to keep his job, decided to use the case as a bargaining chip to stay on. CDS Massaneh Kinteh is the anchor of his job. Remember Massaneh Kinteh is the pet child of the Barrow government, so his job is guaranteed.

Advice for President Barrow: put country first before relations. Gambia is bigger than anyone. As a leader, endevour to satisfy the will of the people and not the whims and caprices of selfish individuals. Individuals will make you fail while the people (majority) will help you to succeed. Assert your authority period. Otherwise the TRC will be a mere talk shop full of drama and laughter. Equality before the law – CDS is a subject of the law; not a master.

Many culprits based on relations are not going to be prosecuted as many initially believe. They have powerful people at the top to compromise cases.

Sonko does not deserve to keep his job. There is lawlessness in the country. Since January, how many killings have been reported? Many. People are afraid to travel long distances in the night alone. Women gardeners have been attacked numerous times in the Kombos.  Shop keepers frighten; while arm robbery in the increase. Where are the police patrols we use to see pre- election time? Cannabis smoking is the order of the day. Smokers don’t have to hide; they do it in the open. Sometimes we see service men smoking in the open and nothing is being done about this. What is wrong?  The police must put a distinction between politics and law enforcement. IG should not wait for President Barrow or Mai Fatty to tell him what to do- he ought to know better. Gambia is in a fragile security situation. The police in severally aggravate the situation. A case in point is the Ahmadiyya problem in Tallinding over burial rites. This is very simple to solve. For many decades Ahmadiyya Muslims have been living peacefully with communities in Tallinding without any problem. They have buried their love ones in the same cemetery without problems. Why are you stopping them now? Or do you want to tell the people that no Ahmadiyya has ever died since the creation of the cemetery in that location? Off course that’s not. The issue of burial rites only started in 2015 when President Jammeh declared Gambia an Islamic State giving extremists the chance to practice and spread their hidden theocratic agenda. Gambia is a secular state the IGP must know that. The supreme Islamic Council has no legal or Devine right to decide who is a Muslim or not as alluded to by Imam Fatty. Besides, why is Tallinding the only place being confronted with this problem? IG, take your stand and stop ripping communities apart. The Supreme Islamic Council must not confuse the name or word Supreme. It is not supreme to say the least, it is an organization reduced to moon sighting and APRC propagandist. For Imam Fatty, there are better things to preach about than Ahmadiyya problem. Preach peace and reconciliation that’s what Gambia needs at this point in time. How many people have you directly or indirectly sent to jail? You cause the closure of schools and branded Christians as Kafirs. You sent clerics to exile and contributed in the dismissal of many. Was it not you who said Jammeh is God sent but you abandoned him when he refused to relinquish power? Stop being hypocritical. Gambians aren’t fools. Have you not stop your fellow Muslims from observing their Eid prayers? So you have forgotten so easily! You have branded D. A Jawo, Baba Leigh, late Malick as Samba hypocrites behind the WEST on Female Genital mutilation (FGM), you went further by doubting their credentials as bonafide Muslims in your sermons at State House. You cursed them but Allah has not answered your prayers; Baba Leigh has earned a worldwide accreditation as a Muslim cleric. He is respected and acceptable by all. D. A Jawo is a respectful minister who is the mouthpiece of Government; he speaks on behalf of Government including religious issues. Please make a rethink and change trait. Will rest my case here awaiting your further comments, then I will reduce to rubble.

Continuing with IGP – Yankuba Sonko failed to provide adequate security to President Barrow on his maiden arrival from Senegal as a Head of State causing a chaotic scenes at the airport. Barrow took nearly five hours to exit the airport premises. He tried blaming ECOMIG forces for the melee but was admonished to do his work as expected. The likes of Sonko believe in eye service and there is no eye service at least for now in Gambia.

Let the police investigate the killing of the Mauritanian businessman who was dragged by police officers on an alleged theft case and up till today nothing is being said about that tragic incident. The police wanted a dash but the Narr refused to do so, they angrily dragged him resulting to a shock which eventually killed him. The Mauritanian community here in the Gambia is not happy with the autopsy report. They believe it was doctored to favor the police.

Written By An Insider 

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