It has been over a month, when 22 year old construction worker Basiru Secka, died in sea, while taking part in the construction of the Bamba-Tenda/Elli-Tenda multi-million dollars African Development Bank funded bridge for the Trans-Gambia High Way. Sadly, neither the government of Adama Barrow, nor the Company contracted to build the bridge has come up with a statement shedding light on the tragic accident, which claimed the life of Basiru Secka. The matter is being treated under the carpet and with “utmost secrecy” despite Adama Barrow’s repeated declarations that all Gambians are entitle to workers’ insurance irrespective of one’s economic background.

The late Basiru Secka graduated from High School in 2016. He graduated with four credit and three passes from the Farafenni Upper Basic school. He is the son of a Niamina born police officer Njaga Secka. His parents hailed from Niamina Sambang, but now live in Mariama Kunda, in the Kombos. 

When the Trans-Gambia bridge construction project started, Mr. Secka, decided to seek employment as a local constructor (laborer of some sort). His boss is one Mr. Nying.

“Mr. Basiru Secka died on March 1st 2016, at his work place while driving the company boat. His dead body was found the next day and was buried the same day. Since his unfortunate demise, neither the project workers, nor the government has taken action about the case. When the boy drowned into the river, it was his father Njaga Secka, and some local fishermen, who conducted a rescue search to trace his body. The Gambia Navy came at the eleventh hour after the body was already found. Meanwhile, construction work at the new bridge continued uninterrupted. The bridge project workers did not take part in the search. Some local workers even protested as to why Mr. Secka should be abandoned just like that to die in the sea. We have decided to report this to you to help expose Basiru Secka’s tragic story to the world,” said our source.

The other workers ridding in the boat with Basiru Secka, all escaped unhurt except Secka, who was not licensed in the first place to drive a boat. He was allowed by his employer to drive the boat despite his lack of certification.

Speculations are rife that there was a foul play in the death of Basiru Secka. But there is no evidence to that effect to substantiate such speculations.

The family of the late Basiru Secka were said to have filed a claim with the Gambia National Insurance Company (GNIC). They wanted a compensation of D5 million dalasi, but they were told that their claim cannot exceed more than D2.5 million dalasi. All the paperwork related to Basiru Secka, his ties with the company constructing the bridge, medical certificate, and birth record have been submitted to one Baboucarr Jarju, an official of the GNIC. Mr. Jarju could not be reached for comment during the weekend.

The family is yet to hire the services of a lawyer to help seek justice in the case of their demise son. Basiru Secka was his father’s first son. His dad Njaga Secka, is a police officer.

Information Minister Demba Ali Jawo could not be reached for comment. 

The government of The Gambia and Senegal agreed for the construction of the bridge, The bridge is financed by the African Development Bank (ADB). The goal of the project is to enhance sub-regional trade, and effective transportation within ECOWAS member states. 

Editors note: For disclosure purposes: The Editor of the Freedom Newspaper is related to the father of the deceased. Njaga Secka’s Dad is an uncle to our Editor. We deem it crucially imperative to make the disclosure in the interest of fair, objective, and balanced reporting. Thanks for your attention. 

Written By A Staff Writer.  

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