The heavy weight political juggernaut GDC is on the verge of disseminating the evidences gathered through the media outlets for publication, our executives will meet on Monday to elaborate on the evidences and henceforth disclose or uncover the abnormalities and conspiracy of foul play against GDC in sabotaging their votes in certain constituencies. 
I am pretty confidence, that the number of seats won by the GDC doesn’t reflect reality, we won far more seats than what’s been announced. 
Following the claims cited by the political opportunist, Pa Malick Ceesay of NRP on Standard News paper, the GDC is hereby placating it’s supporters and assuring them, that all the evidences are being gathered and written and by God, it will soon be filtered through the media fraternity for the public to make an informed decision as to what happened prior and during the parliamentary elections. 
GDC will never sit idly by, allowing election malpractices to continue plaguing its advancement and progress, the manner in which the electoral process transpired in certain constituencies is a complete sabotage of the GDC’s votes, and this is unacceptable..
I’ll implore our supporters to keep calm and patiently wait for the damning evidences that GDC is about to circulate for everyone to see. 
Lastly, the options put forward by the GDC leadership in regards to post- election queries and discontentment is of two..
Option 1: To file a petition and challenge the results through the courts.
Option 2: Bring all evidences and filter it through the media outlets for publication, for Gambians to make an informed decision as to what happen.
Thank you.
Written By Samba P Jallow 
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