Pa, how are you doing? Bro, the do you remember the sewing machines of Yaya Jammeh? Well they are all intact and ready for use. Guess what? Do you know what our wannabe Vice President is planning to do with her family? Her daughter with her help is planning to take them over and open their own private company. They will secretly pass it on to a friend of her daughter which will look like a private business. 

The daughter already placed a request for the machines to be handed over to her. Pa, the level of corruption and “I  don’t care what the people say” going on is unbelievable. Those who used to be the main enablers of Jammeh like Alieu Mboge and Mohammed Jah, are at the forefront of the business plans of this administration.  

I don’t know whether Ousainou Darboe knows about it, because he was furious the last time when he knew of the corrupt practices and nepotism going on within the government.  He is old and tired; therefore they are running shady schemes behind his back. 
Alieu and Jah were the main speakers at the last Chamber of Commerce gala dinner at the Coco Ocean last week.

The Jammeh co enablers were in front and center of the event; winning and dinning with our new President, who is supposed to help wipe the tears of Gambians. It is frustrating to many Gambians here on the ground.

Mohammed gave the longest speech during the event. Pa, none of these guys will be questioned over the economic crimes they committed during the past regime. Mark this on a calendar. The country will be infested with financial scandals very soon. The rot within this government is getting deeper.

Darboe may be seen as being in charge,  but trust me, he is clueless about the numbers and activities these guys are running behind him and the minister of Finance. 

We are in trouble and if these people are left unchecked, the situation will get much terrible than under Jammeh. Double check on these facts, you will find out even more troubling acts by that woman and her crew. She is the main cause of all these things. All these people are backed by her. I will get back to you.

Written By A Concerned Gambian

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