Willy Abraham, Alhagie Sillah and Ebrima Manneh set to challenge Kabba on the Next years football federation election
By Buba Jallow Fallaboweh. 14 May, 2017
With writings on the wall “Kabba is a fired man walking. Unconfirmed reports have said Willy Abraham known as Willy Mbam, Alagie Sillah and Ebrima Manneh are most likely to contest against kabba in next year’s June presidency for the GFF. The Gambia Football fraction have been going on its own impasse the stakeholders vote for someone and the Government install a person of their choice. However the current Government haven’t shed any light on the backwardness of Gambian Football which could be attributed to as they just settled in.
Being a Football fan doesn’t literally give you to be a president which Lamin Kabba Bajo has been a victim off. He was never  known within the stakeholders neither was he influential in taking the Gambian football to the next level. His Only honest moment of being a president of the Federation was when he shambolically address the players before Uganda’s game, where he said “I have no clue in football, but I wish you good luck” By then the players were in shock, how would they succeed with such a person as president. 
Since I am still in my Bob Marley Celebration, picking a phrase from Buju Bantangs song” for how long must we suffer” leading me to this juncture, how can we help Kabba as an FA president? Which will take a long way because his football administration skills is very poor together with most of his executives. Coming back to the three aspirants Willy have been long involved in the Gambian Football were he has sacrificed and played his quarter.
Ebrima Manneh being a technical director is one of the most hardworking member of the football federation, which his never applauded for, he could go along way with not contesting leaving the opportunity for Seedy Kinteh to bounce back as the football federation president. 
The recent polls I conducted indicated that they will take Seedy Kinteh back without doubt. A man they ascribe as ‘SUCCESSIVE LEADER’ during the U17 and U20, a man who doesn’t have time for family or activities only to make sure the Gambian Football succeeds . Alhagie Sillah , On the other hand is football orientated but too political which raise fears basing it only in Banjul “Rey Buki , suul Buki ” Infantino recently said “We are rebuilding Fifa’s reputation after all that happened, we have taken over an organisation which was at its deepest point. If there is anyone who is in the room who thinks he can abuse football and enrich himself, I have one message: Leave. Leave football now. We don’t want you”
If a poor man is made president of that federation, he would just eat our money but some poor men have high integrity. For the purpose of clarity, I have no wish to campaign for anybody but my wish is for The Gambia Football federation for once to have its deserved leader. Over to you.
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