The death of the former Gambian army Major Khalifa Bajinka, has been announced. Mr. Bajinka, who was living in exile in the United States died on Monday. He left some children behind. Mr. Bajinka was pronounced dead at a Boston Medical Hospital late Monday.

The former army officer was taken ill. He was said to have lost consciousness during his hospitalization amid serious chronic pneumonia. He couldn’t speak, leading to speculations that he died. He finally succumbed to his untimely death today.  

Mr. Bajinka’s demise has sent a shocking waves across social media. Gambians both home and abroad have expressed shock over Bajinka’s demise.

Bajinka was a close aide and onetime Aide De Camp for the exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh. He fell out with Jammeh in 2006, after he was allegedly implicated a coup led by the former army Chief of Defense Staff Colonel Ndure Cham. Mr. Bajinka has denied being complicit in the said failed coup. He was on an officer’s training course in Nigeria, months before the Ndure Cham coup.

Attempts were made to arrest Bajinka upon his home return, but he evaded arrest. He briefly settled in neighboring Senegal, before he was granted political asylum by the United States government. 

Mr. Bajinka is a former member of the defunct Gambian National Gerdamarie. Rest in perfect peace Bajinka. May God reserve place for him in heaven. 

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