Gambia: Breaking News: Mama Kandeh Says Barrow’s Gov’t Is Worse Than Dictator Jammeh’s Regime!


The leader of Gambia’s Democratic Congress Party says the Adama Barrow government is one of the worst governments the Gambia, has ever had as a nation. Addressing his party supporters in Jimara, Mama Kandeh, noted that the former Jammeh government is way better than the Barrow government, while accusing the current administration of woefully failing the Gambian people.

“The Barrow government is worse than the former administration of Yahya Jammeh. These people are inept, incompetent, clueless and above all out of touch with the masses. The Gambia is sinking. It is about time for Adama Barrow to come out plain to the Gambians, who voted him into office and admit that he cannot rule this country. The direction this country is heading towards is the least promising. Nothing is working in the Gambia. This is a government without sense of direction. It is headed by a clueless president,” Kandeh posited.

“We at the GDC have no problem in helping Barrow to rule this country. We will be more than glad to shape the affairs of this country if avail with the opportunity. I do not think that this is the promised government for the Gambia. They are worse than the government that they replaced. At least during Yahya Jammeh’s era, the government was functional, but under Barrow nothing is working. The country is struggling with electricity outages, insecurity, heated tribal bigotry just to name a few. It is my fervent belief that Adama Barrow and his government are unfit to rule the Gambia. We deserve a better leadership. The Gambia and her people do not deserve such a lame duck leadership,” Kandeh added while being applauded by his excited supporters. He was speaking in the local Fulani dialect.

Mr. Kandeh also accused the Barrow government of mortgaging the Gambian sea to Senegal. He said Gambian fishermen have been disadvantaged when it comes to fishing because in his own words ” Adama Barrow has auctioned our national waters to Senegal. This he said, has contributed to the acute shortage of fish in the country. 

He also referenced OJ Jallow’s recent call for Jammeh to return to the Gambia, but he said OJ was widely censored by his colleagues in the opposition. He said the Barrow government is not interested in reconciling the country. 

Mr. Kandeh used the meeting to deplore tribalism in any form. He said The Gambia, is a nation, in which tribes have been coexisting for decades in peace and harmony.

“Those propagating and fanning tribal bigotry should desist from such divisive politics. I remember some supporters of the opposition telling me that I would be deported to Guinea, if they assume the presidency. My response was: If I am deported to Guinea, then all the tribes will leave one day. Then the Mandinkas will be deported to Mali too. We are one people. We intermarry. Tribalism should be disavowed by all political leaders. It is bad,” he said.

He denounced the recent political violence, which occurred in Jimara, shortly after the legislative elections. He said communities should learn to live in peace and harmony without any political rancor. 

Mama Kandeh also defended his recent philanthropist gestures towards impoverished Gambian communities including some schools. He said the Barrow government has nothing to offer to Gambians other than peddling pack of lies against its opponents, who have the nation’s interest at heart. He recalled being painted as a Jammeh enabler and also working with the APRC to legitimize a despot.

“Today, the UDP is working with the APRC. The likes of Suku Singhateh are now members of the UDP. They have lied against me and my party. Now the APRC is UDP’s survival base. What a double standard. My party will not discriminate at Gambians. The APRC is welcome to the GDC,” he said.   

Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai 

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