I must confess it is very painful for the average person to read insinuations coming from Mama Kandeh about the failures of the Barrow Government. According to the story ran on freedom newspaper today May 15, 2017, Mama Kandeh was quoted as saying that “The Barrow government is worse than the former administration of Yahya Jammeh. These people are inept, incompetent, clueless and above all out of touch with the masses. The Gambia is sinking”. Well fair play to Kandeh but Barrow came to power in January 2017 almost 5 months ago. For Barrow to run a government worse than Yahya Jammeh’s then that means Jammeh’s 22 years autocratic rule is by far more better than the short time Barrow ruled the Gambia.

Mama Kandeh has a right as a Gambian citizen to form an opposition against the government but we must understand that a 5 months old government cannot turn the tide of destruction caused by Yahya Jammeh in 22 years. I wonder how any sound minded person could take the route Kandeh took on this new government because quite frankly there is not too much to audit for now. The GDC has no agenda and I wonder how they can help Barrow rule the Gambia. Kandeh should try to inculcate shrewd statesmanship before helping a government that has wide prospects for the Gambia.

In addition, Kandeh needs help understanding the difference between democracy and authoritarian rule. Looking at the composition of the Barrow government, I wonder how a politician like Mama Kandeh could say that they are inept, incompetent, clueless etc. Mama Kandeh failed the day he decided to run the GDC. Recently he went on the rampage and said that he does not respect the results of the national assembly elections for reasons best known to him. Now he has gone to Jimara to vent his anger on the Barrow government.

Worst of all, Kandeh said Yahya Jammeh’s government was functional but Barrow’s government is not functional. This is a shameful statement and no wonder it came from no one but Mama Kandeh.  Right, if thinks the government is not functional then how come all the three organs of government are operational every day in the Gambia? A country without a functional government means all organs of government are at a standstill because there is civil war, or other forms of rebellion, or various factions claiming statesmanship. This is not happening in the Gambia. So folks, this Kandeh guy is the one that is clueless and does not understand the meaning of the language he uses on the Barrow government.

My take on Kandeh is that he should wait and contest the next elections and stop unleashing his personal vendetta on Barrow and his government.  Sadly, Kandeh said there is shortage of fish in the Gambia because Barrow auctioned in our national waters to Senegal. Believe me folks, a 4th grader or a primary 4 pupil as they call it in the Gambia knows that there is no iota of truth in such a statement. Come to say it again, shameless politicians behave the way Kandeh is doing. The people voted Barrow and rejected him and so he should consider other humane options and not being irrational as he is sounding now. What a shame!

Written by Ebou Ngum in Everett Washington.

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