Last weekend, Mai Fatty called his Yai Compins to a meeting at his new mansion.  The women led by former National Assembly member Duta Kamaso, were stunned when Mai Fatty informed them that he is slated to take over from Barrow in 3 years time.  He wanted them to start mobilizing people to support his Presidency.  He assured them that he has the full support of current President Adama Barrow.  Whilst it is surprising to hear that Barrow has chosen Mai Fatty as his successor despite the GMC winning 0 seats in the national assembly elections and Mai Fatty getting less than 10 votes in his home village in Wuli East, for those who know however about the unshakable and very tight bonds between Barrow and Mai Fatty, his selection as the next President is not surprising.  

Fatty and Barrow have known each other from school days.  Mai has always been the fast and smart one whilst Barrow has always been an average student.  Barrow from that time on has always looked up to Mai as the “lawyer” this despite the fact that no one seems to know where Mai Fatty studied for a law degree.  Whatever Mai Fatty says, is what Barrow will do.  

The bonds were however strengthened when the duo together with Amie Bojang spent time in Dakar during the impasse.  Totally isolated from all Gambian intellectuals, Mai and Amie Bojang ensured that the only people Barrow met were those who would not influenced him in manners detrimental to their personal financial interests.  

It was during this time that Mai Fatty made the most consequential move for poor Gambia.  He opened up a back door communications with Amadou who was also in exile in Dakar.  Amadou was called to a meeting brokered by Bouba Ndour and Youssou Ndour and made a simple proposition.  Pay up and all would be forgiven.  In exchange for bribes paid to both Mai and Adama Barrow, Amadou was allowed to keep his Panama accounts which has been estimated at close to $1 billion.  In addition, there would be no investigations on his activities where the SSHFC lost $10 million in guarantees for his company and another $8 million in guarantees for both companies associated with Amadou, who was the Chairman.  So, the retirement monies of Gambians were given away by these duos just like that for a million dollars.

From the moment that Barrow tasted this bribe, he has never been the same.  I am sure some smart Gambians have noticed that the government does not talk anymore of investigating Yaya or theft of pension funds.  What people don’t understand is that Amadou and Bazzi are still the most powerful people in Gambia and are now really running the show in the absence of Yaya Jammeh.  Amadou has however brought in Samuel Sarr,  a man who has been charged with everything from murder to embezzlement of funds in Senegal.  

With the backing of these 3 people, Mai Fatty feels that he can take over Gambia because if Barrow can become President, so can he. Barrow on the other hand is totally beholden to Mai Fatty.  What people don’t understand is that Barrow does not listen to anyone other than Mai Fatty.  Even Ousainou Darboe has little voice in Barrow’s government as Barrow generally ignores what Darboe recommends to him.  Darboe is however not a corrupt person and he values his integrity.  People should understand that the corruption of Barrow actually is an embarrassment to Ousainou Darboe, as he knows they are corrupt but there is nothing he can do about it. 

I will stop here for now but next time, I will tackle the sale of the Gambian fishing waters to Senegal, the betrayal of Jammeh by Fatty and Barrow, and where Fatoumatta Tambajang and her kids fit into all this cesspool of corruption that has become the New Gambia. 

PS: Pa most of the negative comments and insults against you that you see on your page are made by NIA agents who are now working for Fatty and Barrow and doing the same job they use to do for Yaya Jammeh.  Same people, same job different bosses. 

Written By Gambia’s Deep Throat

Editors note: The views expressed by the author do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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