The National Intelligence Agency was dictator Yahya Jammeh’s main powerhouse for abuse, torture, crimes against humanity, and all kinds of nefarious atrocities against the onetime oppressed people of the Gambia. It appears that Adama Barrow’s administration is in love with the NIA, despite the negative past associated with the agency. Out of the rogue and deadly agents at the NIA, only nine personnel were singled out and taken to court on alleged murder charges, and the rest were allowed to continue working, despite the troubled past associated with this discredited intelligence agency now renamed as the State Intelligence Services (SIS).

The SIS is an old wine in a new bottle. The same rogue agents, who used to aid and abet dictator Yahya Jammeh, are still at the agency. The Gambian SIS should be disbanded. We need a new intelligence outfit other than Jammeh’s constituted terrorist agency calling itself as an intelligence outfit. No amount of name change of an institution can sanitize the agency.

Adama Barrow is Africa’s dumbest president. How stupid can he be to name an intelligence agency which almost shared the same acronym with the terrorist group called ISIS. There is something in a name, but the ignoramus Gambian leader, who is learning on the job will never get it. He is just clueless. 

Given the atrocities perpetrated by the NIA, Barrow decided to rename the agency, without purging the bad elements, who have contributed to the decline of democracy and peace in the Gambia over the years. This is a total betrayal of the trust Gambians have reposed in Barrow. The NIA ought have been the first institution he should have closed pending a legislation to constitute a new intelligence agency. The police, and the army should be tasked with filling the void until such a time that the bad elements in the NIA have been sorted out. 

In Uganda, the fall of dictator Idi Amen, led to the disbanding of Amen’s notorious intelligence agency, which was reputed to be engaged in enforced disappearances, torture, and murder of Ugandans. In the Gambia, sadly Adama Barrow, foolishly thinks that by renaming the NIA, it will sanitize the image of this terrorist outfit. He deliberately or inadvertently renamed the NIA after SIS, which sounds like the ISIS terrorist group in Syria.  

The SIS boss Ousman Sowe, made an assuring statement recently by claiming that his agents have been exposed to professional training in this new Gambia; with the primary objective of protecting the country and her people without engaging in police duties. He also said it is their job to defend, nurture, and protect Gambia’s democracy, and engage in sophisticated intelligence gathering.

Thanks Mr. Sowe, for the assuring statement. But in all fairness, the SIS, is a photocopy of the NIA. Your boss Adama Barrow lacks the constitutional mandate to abolish the NIA, without going to Parliament to justify the planned changes within the agency. Renaming legally constituted agencies such as the NIA, without Parliament’s sanctioning amounts to putting the horse before the cart.

That said, the new NIA now called the SIS, is a liability to the state. Could you imagine the former Jammeh enablers in the NIA and some government supporters spent their entire time surfing Facebook and other social media websites to attack critics of this administration. That’s what you called a modernized intelligence outfit? Besides EYE SERVICE, what does the SIS good at? 

The SIS has been transformed as a silent instrument for propaganda, lies, smear campaign, and cyber bullying by the hostile UDP led government. Barrow is relying on the former Jammeh enablers, in addition to the unlettered opposition buffoons to counter any form of revelations coming from the few remaining independent press houses, and the opposition. The SIS might not be as brutal as the former NIA, but it is capable of fanning secret crimes and vilification of the innocent. Time will tell! 

The SIS hasn’t brought anything of value on the table since Barrow ascended into the presidency. Agents are primarily concerned about keeping their jobs and to avoid any possible retribution from Gambians, some of whom you have oppressed over the years with impunity. 

Barrow would be doing disservice to the Gambia and her people if he fails to restructure the illegally constituted SIS. Admitted, there are good officers there, but the bad ones outnumbered the good ones. We rest our case! 

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