Global properties company, KMC, and some corrupt police officers, believed to be siding with Saul Frazer, a Real Estate Developer and also Adama Barrow’s Ambassador at large, have been engaged in a war of words with the youths of Kololi ,over land issue, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal.  The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon in Kololi, where the defiant youths refused to be intimidated by Ambassador Frazer and the police. They stood their ground, and maintained that the disputed land belongs to the community. 

The youths of Kololi Johannes are preparing to come out in large numbers to protect their football field and to express their anger after the CEO of Global Properties Saul Frazer wants to use force and remove them from their football field. Mr. Frazer wants to build an estate at the field with his Indian partners. The land was allocated to him by Mayor Colley and Yahya Jammeh. 

The land is measured at an estimated 350 × 300 meters square located behind SOS senior secondary school known as Bakoteh high. The ground is used by residence of Kololi, Bakoteh, Manjai and Sanchaba. The football field is also used by the Muslim Bakoteh layout mosque for annual Tobaski, Koriteh, Friday prayers and community meetings.

According to Saul Frazer, who gathered the youths of Johannes before the elections, “the land was given to him and his Indian partners by KMC Yankuba Colley and former president Yaya Jammeh to build an estate. Millions of dalasis was spent to acquire the land. He promised the youths that there will be a standard field build inside the estate and the boys should not worry let them just allow him to continue his construction work. 

The elders of the area after series of research and findings came to realize that Global Properties and Saul Fraser, have no intentions whatsoever to allocate the youths with a standard field, because the area allocated to them was even less than 70 meters square.

KMC in several occasions attempted to secretly sell the land to estate companies, but this time they could not resist the millions of dalasis bribery allegedly paid to them by the Indian businessman and Saul Fraser. The illegal land purchase is causing a huge conflict between the youths of Kololi and Global properties company.

Whatever the case might be, the youths are ready to face the consequences of their defiant stance. They vowed to make sure that the football field is not taken away from them. Alagie Cessay, a resident of the area said that the football ground is a very important center, where youths gather and have fun.

It is a high time for the Gambian government to take a stand over this illegal land purchase which involved former dictator Yahya Jammeh and mayor of KMC Yankuba Colley.

Written By Muhammed AK Touray. 17 May 2017

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