Ebou Ngum’s distasteful outrage against GDC’s leader is totally appalling and repugnant. I am totally dismayed by his callous indifference towards Mamma Kandeh, his outright dishonesty is a deliberate distortion of what an opposition is about. He keeps attacking everyone speaking critically against the government. Mr Kandeh as an opposition leader has every right to be critical of Barrow’s government, that’s what is expected of him, his views about the government constitute the exact same thought as many Gambians, Ebou might be completely out of touch as to the discontentment Gambians have, in regards to the widespread ethnic hegemony of class domination and misplaced priorities perpetrated by the government, and if caution isn’t exercise, Barrow’s government will fail in the most catastrophic manner. 

This government is being a government of secrecy, leaving the general public out of the loop as to the treaty signed and agreement made on behalf of the Gambian People. The idea that this government is a baby government and need some time to effect meaningful development is an excuse to deflect people from the reality, Gambian’s have been hoodwinked by the government, our country wasn’t a war torn when the coalition government came in.

The coalition government portrayed themselves to be men of wisdom, policy oriented and governance oriented people during the presidential campaign, citing excellent programs for Gambians, people trusted their will-power and knowledge as to how to fast tract development and steady the country in a much better situation than it was presently handled under Jammeh. But as of now, 4 months have elapsed and nothing tangible is seems to be working, the country is still in standstill and retrogression..

Nothing promising is in place to give Gambians a better impression that things will work out pretty well in years to come. Gambians are being bamboozled, this government isn’t the promising one, they’ve made so many promises that they can’t keep, what they are particularly interested as of now, is to have the age limit in the constitution amended and extended beyond its present standing, talks of term limit, electoral amendments and constitutional amendments to reflect a broad democratic system is gradually fading.     

Whether Mr Ngum likes it or not, Mamma Kandeh will continue to have a strong commitment in speaking truth to power and help reshape the government. It isn’t healthy to have a weak and dormant opposition party, I believe the GDC leadership will harness every opportunity of missteps erred by the government to help straighten them. Mr Ngum in his article, did  belligerently expressed a restrained opposition, and this is an obvious and vivid demonstrations of a dictatorship, which is an offense against what we fought for. 

What we are seeing in this very government is a broad pursuit of self interest, we voted for change to earn the right to be free and to make free goodwill choices, Mr Ngum failed to understand, that the people are yet to have a sober satisfaction in the direction that the country is heading, what we need is an atmosphere of rising hopes, so that; the Gambian people will benefit from the fruits of the political change, but the government isn’t toeing the line of such a footing .. 

In conclusion, Mamma Kandeh is doing exactly what an opposition leader ought to do, and that is to go tough on the government if things aren’t done the way it should have.

Thank you..

Written By Samba P Jallow

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