Piles of applications for water supply is gathering dust at the offices of the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) amid bureaucratic red tape, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. NAWEC officials have failed to approve or install water in people’s home after been paid couple of thousands of dalasi. The allegations were made by some concerned homeowners in the Greater Banjul area. They claimed that NAWEC is accepting monies from customers without providing them with services.

No reason has been given for the unexplained delay in installing water at people’s homes. NAWEC officials have been accused of foot-dragging and corruption by the disgruntled customers.

“I have applied for water at NAWEC. It has been months since my application was submitted. I live in Yarambamba. Up to the time of contacting you, water has not been installed at my home. The Freedom Newspaper is our only hope for media coverage in this country. Please help us take up the issue with NAWEC,” said one concerned homeowner.  

NAWEC officials could not be reached for comment. An insider confirmed the backlog of water instillation applications gathering dust in their offices. The insider said customers, who are willing to bribe their way are usually provided services.

“Applications for water supply is not based on first come first service basis. There is a culture of corruption in this institution. There are folks, who filed in their applications and within days, they are provided with water. Money means a lot here. People bribed officials just to have water installed in their homes,” the insider alleged.

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