Good evening Gambia.  Welcome to the Prime Time Tuesday News Analysis show. Tonight, we will take a look at President Adama Barrow’s constitutional and economic crimes against our impoverished country and her betrayed people. Barrow has betrayed the trust and confidence reposed in him by Gambians. He should just pack and leave. He is not Gambia’s promised leader. This was not what Gambians voted for. We do not need a mediocre of president, who doesn’t know what the heck he is doing. Barrow’s BS and lack of leadership direction is hurting our hopeless citizenry.

We will also discuss the struggle that never was to oust dictator Jammeh from power. That struggle was fake. It was driven by sheer greed for job, money making venture post Jammeh era, materialistic world, personal aggrandizement, and being silent during documented gross constitutional violations perpetrated by Adama Barrow and his cohorts. What a shame Gambia!

Are Gambians true to themselves? Do they believe in country, democracy, checks and balances, accountability and transparency? If they do, they wouldn’t have allowed Mr. Barrow’s constitutional assaults against the supreme law of the land. What is happening under Barrow’s presidency is total chaos. Mr. Barrow has demonstrated that he has total disregard and disrespect for the constitution and the rule of law. Someone needs to standup against this failed regime. It is about time Gambia, to make our voices heard to the world. Barrow has reached the climax of one being an illegitimate leader.

It is only in the Gambia, that a pretender president, can claim to be running a government without a Vice president. Mr. Barrow has abdicated his duty and responsibility as Commander-in-chief by not appointing a Vice president. He has illegally reserved the post for Fatoumatta Tambajang Jallow, knowing very well that she is overaged by virtue of the 1997, Constitution. Both Mr. Barrow and Ms. Tambajang are not being honest with Gambians. They lack conscience.

Out of the over two million Gambians, Barrow said there is no worthy Gambian man or woman, who can execute the functions of a Vice president. Sheer hypocrisy, and double standards on the side of Barrow.

Barrow’s plan is to use the National Assembly to amend the age limit associated with the office of President and Vice president in the next sitting of the National Assembly. The issue of age limit is not an immediate priority for our democracy. There are more pressing issues of national concern than repealing the age limit for the office president and vice president.

Passing a bill for a term limit for the presidency, is an important priority for our young found democracy. That way, inept, useless, uneducated and accidental leaders like will Barrow, will not use the presidency as a breeding ground to assault our constitution and national financial institutions.

Given the trials and tribulations Gambians have endured under Jammeh’s misrule, one would have thought that the people who fought tirelessly to unseat the dictator from power, will defend our new-found freedom. But to the contrarily, the former strugglers have decided to take a backseat in holding Barrow and his government accountable. They can protest Jammeh’s constitutional violations and crimes against humanity, but they can give Adama Barrow a pass. The only excuse they will tell you is that: This is a new government, therefore let us give them a chance.

A nation, which has just emerged from more than two decades of dictatorship, wants to take the risk by deliberately ignoring Barrow’s lack of respect for the sacred laws of the land—which is the constitution. This begs the question as to whether the former struggle was premised on falsehood.

True strugglers and revolutionaries do not cherry-pick when it comes to holding a government accountable. The bottom-line is that the former struggle was primarily a platform for confused and disgruntled folks, who do not know what they were fighting for. If justice and the restoration of democracy was the founding pillar of that well fought struggle; then some of these old guards, who formed the cream of that struggle, wouldn’t sit by idly today, watching Adama Barrow, Fatoutmatta Tambajang Jallow and co flagrantly undermining what contributed to Jammeh’s downfall.

It was an interest driven struggle. Now we are slowly, but surely coming to terms as to what some of the phony characters calling themselves strugglers against Jammeh’s status quo means. These are bunch of job seekers, and hypocrites. They have betrayed the electoral revolution which ushered ignoramus Barrow into the presidency.

The former strugglers by default have decided to embrace constitutional violations at the expense of national interest. They dare criticize the Barrow government because they think that by doing so, one might be disqualified from currying favors from this mediocre regime, which is operating base on political patronage and sycophancy. Folks, who refused to toe their line, are often branded as unpatriotic, enemies of the state, and any derogatory name under the sun.

Gambia stand up be counted, and end Barrow’s constitutional assaults. We deserve better as a nation. Democracy is more than one being free. Citizens should hold their governments accountable. We rest our case Gambia.  A talking point memo from Pa Nderry M’bai, your beloved son.

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